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Turrisi Properties, founded in 2000, is a privately-owned West End, Brisbane-based property development group lead by Managing Director Gaetano Turrisi, who has over 35 years' property development experience in the Brisbane and South East Queensland market.

Turrisi Properties is an established company with extensive experience in the industry, delivering high quality built residential projects, mixed-use projects and master planned urban communities. Turrisi collaborates with selected and highly experienced consultants and builders to deliver well thought out and planned development outcomes.

These developments include residential communities, high quality townhouses and apartments, commercial and retail precincts, industrial estates and land subdivisions. Each is developed with strong emphasis on responsible design reflecting aestheticism and function.

Strong financial management, consistent growth, resilience, informed research and an innovative and highly responsive approach are hallmarks of Turrisi Properties.

Our Team

  • Gaetano Turrisi

    Founder & Managing Director

    Gaetano Turrisi

    Gaetano has over 35 years property experience in property development and construction management. Gaetano is the founder and owner of the successful private property development group Turrisi Properties. Gaetano also co-founded a private development company in 1986 as joint Managing Director, Property Resources Australia (PRA). Gaetano starting trading solo under the name Turrisi Properties from 2000. Gaetano is responsible for the overall management, strategic business planning, financial management and profitability of the group. Gaetano leads the development team in the management of both built and land projects, providing guidance and input into critical phases of the projects. Gaetano has been involved in the design and construction of numerous large construction projects as well as medium to large development projects in Queensland across residential, industrial, retail, commercial and mixed-use projects.

  • Samantha Turrisi

    Business Manager

    Samantha Turrisi

    Samantha has over 18 years’ experience in the property development industry, over 10 years of which has been with Turrisi Properties. Samantha brings a wealth of knowledge to the organisation. Samantha’s extensive experience in urban and statutory planning, master planning, feasibility analysis, acquisitions and development management provides valuable input into company projects and overall business management. Samantha is responsible for managing the Senior Development Managers, across all aspects of the organisation’s projects from acquisition to completion to ensure they are delivered on time, on budget and that the acquisition targets are realized. Samantha also sits in the Executive Management Team of the organisation and works closely with the Managing Director on the management of the organisation, including business planning, cashflow management, legal and operational management.

  • Ben Kewley

    Senior Development & Acquisitions Manager

    Ben Kewley

    Ben joined Turrisi Properties in September 2012 as Senior Development & Acquisitions Manager and has over 18 of years experience in the development industry. Ben’s primary roles are to manage the identification and acquisition of new projects and to deliver existing projects. Ben is also involved in business planning, including identification of emerging markets. Ben has successfully managed the acquisition, planning and development of numerous greenfield and infill residential subdivisions in Brisbane and surrounding shires.

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  • Leo Turrisi

    Senior Development Manager

    Leo Turrisi

    Leo joined Turrisi Properties in March 2012 has over 10 years experience in the construction and development industry. Leo works across both inner city built projects and green field residential subdivisions. Leo works closely with Gaetano Turrisi and Samantha Turrisi and is responsible for the acquisition of company's built pipeline. He also in responsible for the management of the development team on all built and land projects in all aspects from acquisition and development application phases through to construction and sales. Leo also oversees the management of the groups commercial and retail asset portfolio.

  • Eddie Heron

    Senior Development Manager

    Eddie Heron

    Edward joined the Turrisi Properties team in September 2017, after 3 ½ years of grass roots residential and commercial development experience in London, UK. With a Bachelors Degree in Urban & Regional Town Planning, a Masters of Urban Design and with over 7 years’ experience in the development industry, Edward brings an wellrounded skillset to the organisation which combines well with his desire to continue his development education by collaborating with and learning from his highly experienced colleagues. Edward is involved in the management of all aspects of the company’s development pipeline, from site identification and acquisition phases right through to sales and registration of new dwellings.

  • Eugenie Turrisi

    Marketing & Development Manager

    Eugenie Turrisi

    Eugenie joined Turrisi Properties in 2014 as Marketing Manager and has over 8 years experience in the communications and property development industry. Eugenie is responsible for managing the sales and marketing of all the company’s development projects through all phases from project vision to the end product, through the marketing, sales and settlement of contracts. Eugenie is also responsbile and implementing effective communications and public relations strategies for the company. Over the past 4 years, Eugenie has also worked as a Development Manager on delivery of built and land projects across all stages of the development process.

  • Halie Loch

    Accounts Manager

    Halie Loch

    Halie joined the Turrisi Properties team in June 2012. She has over 10 years’ experience in the property industry and has worked in bookkeeping roles for more than 12 years. Halie is responsible for the management of the company’s accounts and she works closely with the Managing DIrector and Development Team.